Shakespeare on the rocks

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Shakespeare on the rocks

Shakespeare on the rocks

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Shakespeare on the rocks







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Ready (23/01/2016)

Since 2013, on the Island of Stromboli, the Festa di Teatro Eco Logico (Stromboli Unplugged Theatre Festival) has offered every summer a week of events of music, theatre, dance and other encounters produced with no use of electricity. In these events the audience and the performers are lit by the same light, of the sun and/or "the other stars": torches, candles, natural gas lamps... Actors, singers, writers, journalists, dancers, musicians... present themselves and their art to the pubblic without the filters of electric amplification or lighting. And... What kind of energies can be released in performance when we turn the electricity off?

In 2016 the Festa was dedicated to William Shakespeare, as part of the celebrations of the playwrit's 400th anniversary of death. A series of events were offered by artists coming form various parts of the workd (U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Italy...). Among these events, was a production of The Tempest "on the rocks", staging the famous text in natural settings.

This documentary tells the story (from rehersals to performance with the audience) of this peculiar production of Shakespeare's last play (the only one with unity of place and action: an island). The stage is not of wood, but of sand and rock and the "building" is made of real caves and cliffs. The context is that of the Unplugged Festival, during which also other artists accept the challenge of celebrating Shakespeare with no electrical support: Among them: Bruce Myers, Ken Cheeseman, Lino Musella, Giorgio Rossi.