Divine Being

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Divine Being (Essere Divina)

Divine Being (Essere Divina)

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Essere Divina

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Francesco Micheli, Platinette, Gianluca Di Lauro, Sax Nicosia, Ulisse Romanò, Stefano Orlandi, Beppe Tampanella, Irina Markarova, Gianmario Felicetti, Alberto Pezzotti, Tatiana Chiodini







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DIVINE BEING is the story of the only school in Italy where one enters wearing everyday town shoes and leaves on high heels. Four teachers for twenty students: men and women, each with their own history but with the shared desire of becoming wonderful Drag Queens!

The school is much more than just a course on how to become Drag Queens; the students are shown how to overcome their embarrassment, to laugh at their own mistakes, to enhance and exploit their artisticshortcomings by turning them into strong points. They are also taught to feel at ease by playing with the male and female roles. It fosters both enrichment and discovery, a profound understanding of the other and challenges the clichés with which we are surrounded. In short, the school teaches to draw out the Divine in oneself, not just to put on a mask for the sake of the show. It encourages the emergence of the more profound and untouchable part of our true self: “the Divine” - which simply is, beyond any categorization and judgment.