Ritratti di famiglia

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Ritratti di famiglia

Ritratti di famiglia

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Ritratti di famiglia

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Blue Film, with the contribution of Regione Sardegna and the collaboration of the Cineteca Sarda of Cagliari, the CSC of Carbonia and the Fabbrica del Cinema, with the support of Sardegna Film Commission Foundation





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colour & b/w


Ready (07/11/2018)

 Sardinia has always been a land rich in myths, legends, customs and traditions of sacred and profane origins, which has always based its social organization on the family, a model that in Sardinia has assumed a multiple and multi-purpose, different and marked dimension, above all for the condition of insularity and, therefore, for the environmental condition of natural isolation.

Despite its peculiarities, however, the Sardinian family has also embodied the universal characteristics of the "Italian family", a structure recognized throughout the world, with its strengths and its contradictions.

Starting from this assumption, the documentary FAMILY PORTRAITS weaves the stories of 4 families - Vodret, Bruno, Ricci and Fele - originating in 4 different cities (Sassari, Cagliari, Oristano and Oliena), with precious unpublished repertoire materials recovered from the Cineteca Sarda di Cagliari (family films recorded on films of every format, images that document the habits of family life, daily moments and ceremonies, places and traditions, faces and gestures, travels and holidays), which accompany the reconstructions of the stories of the protagonists as if they were "portraits" to be laid out on a canvas, starting from the late Twenties.

Through their memories and the use of audiovisual materials, the documentary investigates what it represented, how it was organized and how it lived in the Sardinian family of the past, also reflecting on the social, anthropological and landscape changes that this model has undergone in recent years and on traditions that have resisted the passage of time.