The House He Built

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The House He Built

The House He Built

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The House He Built

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Sergio Borelli, Caterina Borelli, Maia Borelli, Maura Borelli, Melina Borelli, Pietro Calcaterra, Rhea Datinguinoo, Daniele De Felice, Malva Guicheney, Nora Guicheney, Ambra Manera, Victor Soulatre, Oumar Wane, Alice Wetzl, Giorgio Wetzl, Paolo Wetzl



Mert Çetinkaya





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Ready (27/07/2019)

What role places and objects play in people’s life? Buying, compiling and cluttering are common practices. Is this a “created need” or is there something more to it, more profound, that belongs to man’s nature? “The House He Built” is a feature film about a man and his house, which - like many others - is full of things.

Sergio - Italian journalist and public television pioneer - leads us through his home: every single object, book or image filling the rooms he walks in, is the beginning of a new story. Following Sergio’s wanderings in his home, the film turns into an intimate excavation of what is memory, as revealed in the dialogues between him and his daughter Caterina - the film director. By portraying the strong relationship between Sergio and the space he lives in, “The House He Built” brings us to wider questions about the relation between memory and the place we call home.