Gli Anni che cantano

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Gli Anni che cantano (Gli anni che cantano)

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Gli anni che cantano



Filandolarete, Open Group, Be Open, with the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission





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Ready (21/05/2020)

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In the docufilm “Gli anni che cantano”, the majority of the scenes will be shot in Bologna and in EmiliaRomagna, however the beginning takes place in a flea market in Paris, where the story begins. There, one of the founders of the band Canzoniere delle Lame, Ianna Carioli, finds a picture from 1969 that shows a young 4 woman singing on a stage and wearing a Gramsci tshirt. Voice over: “I was in my early 20s…”. Through never-before-seen videos and audios from the hippy age and post ’68, the story moves on to Bologna, to the Navile neighborhood – people boarding on a bus to an unknown destination, and the first dialogues between Lodo Guenzi (Lo Stato Sociale), Giacomo Gelati (Le Altre di B) and the former members of the band Canzoniere. Then we move to the Nettuno square, where there will be a recontruction of the ten-roof shanty where the Canzoniere musicians used to play, and to the Paladozza sports arena. A scene will be filmed in Cantagallo service station, where in 1971 the then leader of the MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano – extreme-right political party), Giorgio Almirante, was refused to be served by the staff. The Canzoniere wrote a song about this episode. The docufilm ends with a gig and the original footage by Ettore Scola shot at Festa dell’Unità in 1972.