Le cose ritrovate

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Le cose ritrovate

Le cose ritrovate

original title:

Le cose ritrovate

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Fondazione Apulia Film Commission, Fondazione Con il Sud





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Ready (19/11/2021)

In the heart of western Sicily, in the Belice Valley, there are still the ruins of old villages abandoned after the earthquake of 1968.
A group of 'special' boys are on a trip to the ruins of the old village of Montevago. Sergio asks Michele the guide: "How do you do it, how do you deal with those who are no longer there?".
Vito has his photographic studio in a ruin, which is considered the village's archive. He has always stopped time with his shots. Maria writes and sings about her distant past. Pasquale struggles with art and writing. Vito and Pino, the eldest, still believe in politics, in the possibility of change; the people of Salaparuta believe in miracles; Biagio enchants us with his childhood poetry; Giacinto with his building skills, with the actions of those who carry great dreams...
Each of them affixes a plaque to 'their' ruin, as if their story and that ruin were a work of art to be renamed and recognised.