Feminine, singular

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Feminine, singular (Femminile, singolare)

Feminine, singular (Femminile, singolare)

Feminine, singular (Femminile, singolare)

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Femminile, singolare

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If Vera hadn't gone out with two different shoes on... If it hadn't rained so suddenly…
If Clelia, beloved friend who shared so many adventures (and misfortunes), hadn't come to visit Vera for the weekend...
If... OK, enough with this! History is not made by "ifs", you would certainly say now. That's true. But stories are. Otherwise, what would have become of Anna Karenina, Raskolnikov and Madame Bovary? And - begging Tolstoj, Dostoevskij and Flaubert for forgiveness -what would have become of our poor Vera?
Everything happens in front of a wardrobe during a rainy afternoon. Vera has a great opportunity: a date with a man who can solve all of her professional and emotional dilemmas. Therefore, she can’t allow herself to make any mistake: she must look attractive, smart, self-confident. And she starts with trying to choose the clothes to wear: a woman with the right dress can do anything, so she heard.
Vera can't help thinking that, obviously, she has never chosen the right one. The afternoon is enlivened also by Amedeo, Vera's neighbour and good friend. He's getting ready for a special evening too: he's having a guest for dinner and is going to prepare a highly aphrodisiac menu.
Clelia, Vera’s best friend, is staying for the weekend. She has just begun a new life, or rather a "new deal", as she calls it. After two years spent in London, now her motto is "Enough with misery" and wants to start a new, unusual business via Internet: objects for funeral services' trade. Will it work? Will she succeed? For the moment, she's just waiting for customers.
So, during this animated afternoon something strange happens to Vera. The clothes she takes out of her wardrobe and then tries on, or puts apart, have the power to remind her of a particular event to which every dress is strictly linked. Therefore, her search for the right dress turns into a short journey through her memory and shows a portrait of her life. Crazyness and confusion are revealed, but those moments are also filled with reckless verve. It is a journey "towards the bottom of the wardrobe" that will lead Vera to discovery and awareness.