I prefer the sound of the sea

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I prefer the sound of the sea (Preferisco il rumore del mare)

I prefer the sound of the sea (Preferisco il rumore del mare)

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Preferisco il rumore del mare

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Bianca Film, Mikado Film, Arcapix (Paris)






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This is the story of Rosario and Matteo, two teenagers who reach that particular stage in life in which a young person starts to yearn for independence.
Rosario, who is orirginary from the very south of Italy, is helped by Luigi and thanks to him he will go and live in the north of Italy. Luigi is from the south too but has a good job in Turin. He wants to give Rosario a chance to redeem himself and offer him, at the same time, an opportunity to confront his beliefs with the ones of his son Matteo.
Rosario lives in a "commune" and Matteo in a beautiful, comfortable house. They're both introverted and shy and find a common ground: they meet, go out together, become friends and show each other a completely different way of living their lives as teenagers.
This is a touching and intimate story: it tells of the boys' emotions and inner feelings, their need for rebellion and change, and their manner to force adults to try and understand at least a part of their world.