Zora the vampire

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Zora the vampire (Zora la vampira)

Zora the vampire (Zora la vampira)

It is the year 2000 and Count Dracula decides to leave Transylvania. He cannot take any more Rumenian blood and wants to go to Italy, a country he thinks he knows from having seen Italian shows on the television thanks to his satellite dish. As soon as he arrives in Italy, the police led by a cynical and impatient inspector get on his tracks because all the other illegal immigrants who were on the same boat are dead with strange bite marks on their necks and shattered hearts.
Count "Dracus" comes to Rome where he and his servant find a place to stay in a filty room in the suburbs. The only place open at night in that area is a social centre and the Count becomes a regular. He meets Zora, a young woman with the same name as an early love of the Count's. She falls for the Count but the relationship between Dracula and this young graffitti artist is not simple and changes his life for ever.