Alex l'ariete

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Alex l'ariete

Alex l'ariete

Alex l'ariete

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Alex l'ariete

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Alessandro Corso is a young carabiniere who works in a special section called Gis. His speciality is knocking down doors to allow his fellow carabinieri in.
Alex is full of energy and popular, he loves life, women and action and has a bit of a problem with discipline and that does not make him too popular with his superiors. One night, Alex is not in his usual place during a police operation because he is busy saving the life of a child and Roberto, a colleague of Alex’s dies as a result. Alex is punished and transferred to a new town where nothing ever happens. His colleagues are all much older men whose only thought is retirement and Alex is bored and depressed. One day he is ordered to find a young woman called Leva to court. She is accused of murdering a friend of hers who worked as a prostitute. After several adventures Alex and Leva finally reach safety, or so they think. Someone wants to kill Leva. Alex contacts headquarters where he is told that he and Leva have been used as bait to trap a well-known criminal. In order the complete his mission Alex must pretend he is a renegade and consign Leva to the men who want to kill her.
Leva, who in the meantime has fallen in love with Alex and saved his life at one point accepts to play out the game...