Amici ahrarara

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Amici ahrarara

Amici ahrarara

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Amici ahrarara

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Two penniless cousins have a common passion: to make inventions, but they have never managed to make any money from their patents. Their only hope is an old, rich and odious uncle who owns the firm where they kind of make their living.
Bruno and Max consider their uncle as a long-term investment, like government bonds, with an expiry date for natural causes. The problem is that the uncle has never liked them and is going to die without leaving them a penny. The cousins dress up like two aunts; they want to convince the old uncle to rehabilitate them. After some trying, they manage to persuade him, but just when the uncle has called his lawyer for a new testament, he falls and loses his memory: now he cannot remember anything, not even his nephews. In order for him to regain his memory, he has to feel intense emotions.
Therefore, Bruno and Max decide to take him to Sicily, in the places where he was young, those places where the secret of his personality is probably hidden. However, just when everything seems to be going according to plan, they are arrested by the Carabinieri. The shock from the arrest returns his memory to their uncle, who apparently is not very grateful…