Apri gli occhi e sogna (first feature)

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Apri gli occhi e sogna

Apri gli occhi e sogna

Apri gli occhi e sogna

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Apri gli occhi e sogna

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Rome, nowadays.
Alessio Mirti is a young painter around thirty, extrovert and brilliant, who tries to have success with his artwork. He lives with Joy Berti, a young woman of 32, a friend from childhood. He is surrounded by his paintings, that his teacher (an art critic) pretends to evaluate, while instead he uses them for inappropriate philosophical discussions.
Joy is very attracted to a TV program called “Magic for you”, an esoteric show presented by a “false magician”, Melania Cristofori, an ex model of 26, very beautiful and ambitious. The program is not as successful as Alfredo Newman, the owner, would like it to be. He is an Italian-American man in his fifties; he left the states for love and moved to Rome where he bought an important television station. The only things he is interested in are audience, money and women. Alessio, pushed by Joy, telephones Melania’s program, teasing her, but he says something he was not supposed to. This lie puts him in the center of attention. Finally he is the protagonist and he takes advantage of it. Melania takes advantage of his lie and, becoming his accomplice, she manages to have her dream come true: she will conduct her first talk show.
The two fall in love with each other.
A heroic gesture made by Alessio during the live program will help to strengthen the relationship between the lovers. Following his sudden fame, his teacher and critic will try to take advantage of Alessio offering him a personal art show. But Alessio refuses.
Good luck is on his side though. In fact, an important French critic invites him to show his paintings in and important art Gallery in Paris.
Therefore, the love between him and Melania will be successful too.