Under the skin (first feature)

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Under the skin (La donna del delitto)

Under the skin (La donna del delitto)

On the little private beach of a wonderful villa on the lakeshore, a woman, Martine Chabrol, is attacked and killed. The death although mysterious, since it is related to a theft of jewels in the villa, is considered an incident and the case is archived. At least until somebody decides to discover the truth and will arrive in the town.
One year later…
…She came to forget, to discover herself, continues to repeat Francesca, while the house agent shows her the villa on the lakeshore that she is going to rent.
The first person who meets her is Andrew, a stocky gigolo that, as the inspector Freda says, is the only suspected of Mrs Chabrol's death. Francesca is interested in that story, so the inspector tells her the details and talks about the stormy relation between Andrew and Martine Chabrol…
Francesca discovers Martine's diary… Only now we find out that she was Francesca's mother. In this diary she talks about Andrew and the ladies of the circle, when the poker plays were souped-up and about a mysterious man.
Francesca suspects that Andrew wants to kill her, especially when he asks her to go to the mountains for an excursion, alone and far away from everybody.
But the truth is not always what it seems to be… and Francesca will discover it only at the end.