Killers by holidays

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Killers by holidays (Assassini dei giorni di festa)

Killers by holidays (Assassini dei giorni di festa)

Killers by holidays (Assassini dei giorni di festa)

original title:

Assassini dei giorni di festa

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Zeal, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Fortuna Films (Barcelona)





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In the early 50’s in Argentina, a disenfranchised troupe of actors feel orphaned after the death of their master comedian. While paying their respects at his wake, they are inspired to create their own theatre by using reality as a stage. They decide to attend the wakes in the city disguised as true mourners, while committing petty larcenies along the way. They become quite successful, and the players finally find satisfaction in their performances which they had never received in the second rate theatres. Their passion and enthusiasm grows when they perform their masterpiece of all time which will make up for years of artistic frustration. They “perform” at the wake of a famous embalmer, and, only by pulling off a stunning performance will they be able to run off with the deceased’s large inheritance. The players are a charismatic group: charming, perplexing, intense and sexually ambiguous, and they soon get lost in their farce, no longer recognizing their characters from their true selves. Their psychological transformations and different motivations are laced together by an uninterrupted thread of artistic folly that, in the end, justifies their actions, be them illogical, comical, or surreal.