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Tomorrow (Domani)

Tomorrow (Domani)

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What happened to Cacchiano Umbro? A small tourist town located in the green heart of Italy, famous for its fresco by Beato Angelico and his special salami, and with satellite dish raising up next to the Romanic campanile. A rich technological and yet ancient town, which inhabitants live comfortably and buy "sofas at no interest rates". What's been happening in the village after that horrible night during which a tragic and devastating earthquake shook those Italian sofas?
What's happened to eleven-year-old Agostino Zerenghi? The boy is very attached to his young and beautiful mother Stefania: he looks at her closely and he's worried as she seems to be showing an excessive interest in ex-neighbour Giuseppe Coccia with whom they are now forced to share their camper van. Agostino's father Paolo, a land surveyor who works for the local Council who is now busy with arrangements, responsibilities, meetings, reconstruction funds, seems not to notice anything strange about his wife.
Further characters are Agostino's schoolmates Vale and Tina, the two Valentinas who are inseparable friends and have even formed their own name with their nicknames to affirm the bond between them.
Betty, the young and not-so-pretty Italian teacher who tries to keep her schoolchildren together and speak to them about the reconstruction after the earthquake, in an attempt to carry on teaching something, anything, to those young creatures.
Andrew, the good-looking Foreigner who is an expert at restoration and has arrived in Cacchiano together with an International Fine Arts team. What does he think of these Italian people who fight against his own job by shouting "Houses first, then churches !"? And about that ugly teacher who bosses him around and with whom he must share the assigned accommodation?
We'll see the events that this group of people will have to go through and experience. Sensitive Agostino and his brother Filippo; responsible Paolo, gorgeous Stefania and lazy Coccia; exuberant Vale and introvert Tina; ugly Betty and handsome Andrew: all of them have been forced by fate to live together in an environment where the ordinary barriers that safeguard privacy and intimacy have been destroyed.