Running still (first feature)

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Running still (Fughe da fermo)

Running still (Fughe da fermo)

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Fughe da fermo

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Ever been under the spell of a “Folie d'amour”? Fede's puppy teen love for Cristina has lasted for the past nine years. Now he's 29 and this unreturned passion, which he cannot bring himself to give up, often results in ludicrous situations. In his blatant profession of love he's pushed himself into uncanny situations, supported by his bravado friends Carlo and Marty. All their antics to make themselves stand out and heroic, ends up in situations that are unforeseeable, desperate, at times self destructive, when not utterly pathetic and tragically comic.
In their thirst for vindicating an inexistant wrong, they even plot to throw the entire country into a black out, which - of course - will never happen. Their time is spent in useless nights out, drinking sprees, and humanising. Then Fede meets sweet Carlotta, and decides to marry her.
It's a move aimed more at winning Cristina's attention than anything else. But a last date with Cristina, the night before the wedding will see Fede finally reckoning with the fact that his teens are gone and he has now to face the future.