The Ice Rink

The Ice Rink (La patinoire)

original title:

La patinoire

italian title:

pista di pattinaggio, lL



set design:


Fandango, Colorado Film, Les Films des Tournelles, Les films de l'Etang (Brussels), Studio Canal (Paris)





film run:




release date:


A film crew is shooting on a skating ring. The director always followed by the television camera, and the technical crew dare walking on ice to set the shots, so they discover the slippery nature of the ground they walk on. The film “Dolores” tells the story of a hockey goalkeeper, played by an American film star, while the players are the actual Lithuanian hockey team members. The actress should arrive any time; the producer only wants the film to be selected for the Venice Film Festival. Eventually the film is ready. The director and the producer rush by helicopter to Cinecitta’ in order to show their film to the jury selecting the films for Venice. In the projection room the director of the festival, who is very old and ill, lays on a stretcher in front of the screen. Everybody waits; the destiny of the film is in his hands. The last images are on the screen: the actress, in a magnificent red dress, dies on the ice in the actor’s arms. This is the end. In the room the lights go on again.
Will the movie be selected?