Empty eyes (first feature)

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Empty eyes (Sole negli occhi)

Empty eyes (Sole negli occhi)

Empty eyes (Sole negli occhi)

original title:

Sole negli occhi

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35mm - colour

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Marco murders his father. It is one of the many unexplainable crimes that the press attributes to a “raptus of madness”. Marco’s life was very similar to many others, in the prosperity of northern Italy. Yet there is a fracture in him, kept under the surface of normality. An apparently unexplainable hate for his father, growing day by day, year after year, that explodes in murder.
After the murder, Marco finds refuge in a seaside area, in a small hotel, amongst the tourists on holiday.
That is where Rinaldi finds him, a policeman who suspects him, yet he realises that this isn’t an ordinary criminal; he is a young man afflicted with a drama that overwhelms him, a shock that he had in the past, that changed him and in a certain sense used him, pushing him into the crime.
But fate would have it that in the room next to Marco’s, a young adolescent girl is going through her first love and will never know that the young man next door is a murderer. That small impossible sentiment, so slight and destructive is irresistible to Marco. It is the beginning of a deep crisis, the chance to open his eyes to the real reasons that led him to murder, reasons that were unknown even to himself and are embedded in his personality and his past. It is the breaking out of that zone of shadows that is deep down inside each one of us. The mystery of the banality of evil.