Probably love

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Probably love (L’amore probabilmente)

Probably love (L’amore probabilmente)

Probably love (L’amore probabilmente)

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L’amore probabilmente


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Love, perhaps. Probably love. Also lies, truth, illusion. Sofia’s journey through her twenties, in her need and contempt of men, one man: father, lover, and friend. Sofia’s journey through friendship and love, deceit and disillusion, her path through feelings, and the words that define such feelings. Sofia lives her life and her work as actress as her lie, her truth and her illusion. Giuseppe Bertolucci tells his story through Sofia’s eyes, she is lost and confused, but still capable with the same cruelty and strength to pretend and stay authentic. She can play at hurting and really be hurt. Love as it is nowadays, sometimes fragile at other times ruthless. Sofia’s journey becomes an exploration and initiation, the path of a common growth discovering love, however different for each one of us.
Probably love. Love that goes through difficult lies, revelations, mistakes and revenges.
Nevertheless, it’s also the love felt by Sofia, her friend Chiara, Pietro the lost railway official, Cesare who is so uncertain in his choices. Love made up of strange and different pieces. Love in our times, the love people talk about without ever understanding it. Sofia is betrayed by her friend, by her partner, by her mother, but love, especially the love she feels for life, will push her to grow both personally and professionally.