Ignorant fairies

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Ignorant fairies (Le fate ignoranti)

Ignorant fairies (Le fate ignoranti)

Ignorant fairies (Le fate ignoranti)

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Le fate ignoranti

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R&C Produzioni, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Les Films Balenciaga (Paris)






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Antonia and Massimo have been married for over a decade and they live in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Rome and they are happy.
Massimo dies suddenly in a car accident and Antonia goes into deep mourning and is helped by her mother, Veronica and her daily help, Nora from the Philippines.
Antonia just cannot get over Massimo’s death and she lets herself go, does not go to work and neglects her friends and colleagues. She locks herself in her pain.
Lone day she finds out that Massimo had been having an affair for the last seven years of his life. Armed with only a name and an address, she goes to the house of her husband’s lover and instead of finding another woman, she finds a man, Michele.
The two of them have a highly-charged confrontation but they also find that they are attracted to one another, after all they both loved the same man.
Antonia discovers that Michele is surrounded by an authentic “family circle” of friends that was also Massimo’s second family too.
The family unit formed by Antonia and Massimo was a closed one made up of just the two of them while this new one is open to the rest of the world and men and women of all ages and social extractions are welcome. As she gets to know one another better, Antonia and Michele discover that they also have a lot in common and not only what they shared with Massimo.
Antonia begins to live inside this newly found family unit that protects her and she feels it almost replaces the presence of Massimo. She begins to project her love on Michele because she also feels that she was orphaned by Massimo’s death.
There are a series of dramatic and funny, tragic and ironic events and Antonia and Michele end up almost falling in love.
But Antonia realised that the thing that unites them has always been the ghost of Massimo and she decides to leave. Her departure is not an escape.
The experience she lives through with Michele and his friends not only absorbs her pain but also made her understand that she has always lived shielding herself from the real world. She finds she is now ready to start over again.