L'educazione di Giulio (second feature)

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L'educazione di Giulio

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L'educazione di Giulio

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Giulio, a young eighteen-year-old boy, is deep in concentration copying out case files on a register of patients of the City Royal Mental Institute for Women. We are in the hospital’s large library. This daily afternoon task has been entrusted to him by his father Ettore, the hospital’s head financial officer.
Ettore lives with his wife and children in one of the apartments in the hospital. His wish is to see Giulio follow in his professional footsteps.
The young boy however begins to experience the troubles of being a teenager, encouraged by the friendship with an extrovert classmate.
One day he notices a young patient, Margherita, a girl of about twenty. She is quite different from the other girls he sees every day. From his room he looks onto the leafy path where the sick patients take their walks and all he sees are old farm workers, prostitutes riddled with syphilis, women disconcerted by age and by madness.
Giulio is at the stage in his life where he feels the need to come out of his shell and establish his personality but doesn’t know how to.
An amorous tale, the realisation will give him the opportunity to get over this condition and towards a more complete and mature happiness.
The film is loosely based on the adolescent years of the Giulio Carlo Argan from Turin.