Reconciled (second feature)

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Reconciled (Riconciliati)

Reconciled (Riconciliati)

Reconciled (Riconciliati)

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This is a dramatic film; its action takes place over three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) on the first weekend of September 2000.
It is the story of a group of friends belonging to different left Italian movements between the 70’s and the 90’s. Many of them have not seen each other in the last few years and they meet in the year 2000 because one of their friend and comrade leaves prison, after having killed a judge in the 80’s.
Roberto Ferro leaves on parole and looks for his old friends, he wants to know who betrayed him handing him over to the police almost twenty year before.
Among his friends some have reached a privileged position in the television news; others, like Nanni and Malena, have adapted to a more modest way of life, but nevertheless they try to keep alive the ideals of their youth.
Malena is an exile from the Argentina of the military dictatorship; there she got to know the sufferings of clandestine prison. In the past she had had a love affair with Roberto, as well as with a comrade among the desaparecidos (disappeared) in her home country.
So Roberto’s return provokes conflicts, both personal and political, among the members of the group, according to the writer and director these conflicts are intensely metaphorical.
Parallel to the adult stories there are the lives of their adolescent children. They are the lonely bearers of an unconscious feeling of diversity, but they are very far from the ideal tensions felt by their parents.