If I Were You (first feature)

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If I Were You (Se fossi in te)

If I Were You (Se fossi in te)

If I Were You (Se fossi in te)

original title:

Se fossi in te

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35mm - colour

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ANDREA is an employee. His wife, two children and mother-in-law all live with him.
His family life is suffocating, he hates his boring and monotonous job and dreams of being single and enjoying himself. BEBO BRASCHI-LENTINI is a successful entrepreneur. He has a very strong character which alienates him from everybody around him- everybody except his loyal and masochistic secretary Veronica who, despite his behaviour, adores him. Sadly the feeling is not requited: Veronica is completely ignored by her boss. CHRISTIAN DJs with his friend GEGIO in seedy venues or at couple-swapping parties. He is frustrated, does not have a penny to his name, is in love with a beautiful pharmacist CATERINA to whom he is not able to declare his affection and dreams of putting on huge pop concerts.
One day, Andrea, Bebo and Cristian meet coincidently at a beach-front restaurant. Suddenly there is a flash in the sky and the three of them find themselves transformed into the life of the person whom each of them had just been admiring. It takes our protagonists a while before they realize what has happened, but after a series of misunderstandings, they resign themselves to the situation.
After considering the advantages of the transformation, all three men are excited. At Andrea’s house, Bebo starts to completely revolutionize the family’s crazy lifestyle. On the other hand, Cristian brings chaos to the extremely serious Braschi-Lentini and uses all of Bebo’s money to put on a huge rock concert, which he entrusts to the dumb-struck Gegio. As time goes on, we find that Bebo has reached a very respectable position in his new company and is about to buy Braschi-Lentini, which Cristian has obviously run into the ground. Altogether, the three of them seem to be back to square one. The only difference is that now Andrea is in love with Rita again, Bebo discovers that he is, in fact, attracted to Veronica, and Cristian does everything within his powers to win back Caterina...