Eugenio I Love You (first feature)

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Eugenio I Love You (Ti voglio bene Eugenio)

Eugenio I Love You (Ti voglio bene Eugenio)

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Ti voglio bene Eugenio


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The hero of EUGENIO I LOVE YOU, based on a true story and the life of a real ‘Eugenio’, lives a life very similar to any quiet bachelor in his forties.
He has his habits, a caring family, work he believes in, a wonderful house in the country.
Yet the peaceful normality of such a life, because Eugenio is a disabled person with all the difficulties this brings, is already in itself a great silent victory gained with tremendous inner courage. It is a struggle he faces and wins every day of his life, in every big and little task in the act of living. And anyone would say Eugenio is such a fulfilled and happy man in these agitated modern times, even a source of strength for others who do not face any of the problems of his disability.
When a girl with intensely dark eyes is entrusted to Eugenio’s care, in the rest home for accident victims where he works, he will even save a young person’s life. Listless in her wheelchair after weeks in a coma, inexplicably none of the specialists’ efforts seem to rouse the slightest response from the languishing girl. Then, with infinite patience, every afternoon, Eugenio sits with her in the hospital park. Soon despite herself, it seems the girl even looks forward to her strange companion’s visits. As the hospital staff watch on in astonishment, only Eugenio, with his kindness and mysterious sort of wisdom, appears to hold the key to making the girl want to live again.
By a strange twist of fate Eugenio’s ward will even draw his old childhood sweetheart back to their hometown, and even to his own front door. Eugenio’s extraordinary life, thus made even more perfect, is also a tale of hope for any of us who have ever lost the will to face and overcome the seemingly insurmountable adversities that life might bring.