Sailing home (first feature)

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Sailing home (Tornando a casa)

Sailing home (Tornando a casa)

Sailing home (Tornando a casa)

original title:

Tornando a casa

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SR

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Sicily 2000. Nighttime. A group of fishermen is crossing the Tunisian Sea in order to take back their nets full of fish. The following day, the fishermen, now tired for the accumulated tension, discuss whether to continue fishing illegally in Tunisian waters. Franco, who had never agreed to it, is worried. His friend Samir is even more worried, as he knows very well the risks they run at each crossing. However, Sasa’, Giovanni and the older ones have already decided: when the sun sets, they will cross again the forbidden waters. One night a Tunisian police boat intercepts the group. The police officers shoot, but Franco, manages to get the boat away. Daytime. The fishermen decide to go back home for some rest. When they are back in Naples, they find themselves surrounded by a reality now foreign to them. Franco cannot have a good relationship with his wife Rosa, who would like to have a child with him. He decides to remain in Naples and work there.
However, the other fishermen, who fear more competition, boycott the group. So the fishermen, now tired and defeated, are forced to leave again and go off to sea. Mariano is the only one left in Naples; he wants to fight against a destiny not yet completely decided. In his place, for the first time, Giovanni takes his eldest son. After the realization that nothing is left for him, but the sea, Franco decides to do something extreme: at night, unknown to anyone, he jumps in the sea. However, when everything seems lost a ship of North African refugees saves him. The ship is stopped by the Carabinieri that escort them to Pantelleria. Franco does not say a word, so he is considered a clandestine, at first by his new friends and then by the Carabinieri.
The Carabinieri take the illegal immigrants back to their country. Franco is with them. The young man, even if he is surrounded by suffering and sad faces, breaks into a smile full of hope, hope of a new life.