Italian gigolò

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Italian gigolò

Italian gigolò

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Italian gigolò

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Alessio Tosato is a thirty-year-old man who exploits his own body and loving capacity offering sympathy to the middle class and upper middle class women of the country town where he lives. His "advertising promoter" is Gino, a man that "organizes" what he has to do; Alessio is an ambitious man and wants to reach other results.
An emerging fashion designer, Roberta Emmer, gives him a big chance and purposes him to go to Rome and work for her. Mrs Emmer is also a "public relations consultant" and entrusts him to Pierfrancesco Ducati, her assistant, a very sarcastic person. Everything goes for the best, he takes over a relation with Corinne, a young top model that has a particular friendship with Alvaro De Begiis. While their story is becoming more serious, she is murdered. Miss Ronzani and the investigators suspect of Alessio.
One evening during a dinner at Pierre's house, Alessio realizes that the person who killed Corinne was his friend, which confides him the truth: he killed her because she was ruining his "masterpiece". While Pierre is trying to kill Alessio, Miss Ronzani and some policemen raid into the house and hit Pierre.
Some years later, Roberta and De Bagiis in a coffee bar recognize Alessio. He works there as a waiter. He pretends to be a different person. He is now a changed man, married with one son.