Katja's adventure

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Katja's adventure (Falkehjierte)

Katja's adventure (Falkehjierte)

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italian title:

Le ali di Katia

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Panorama Films, Mikado Film, Pandora Filmproduktion, Angel Arena, Crone Film Produktion (Denmark), Neue Impuls Film






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Katja is a passionate birdwatcher. She lives in a suburb of Copenhagen; but in reality she lives in a world of her own.
Rather than play with other children, she prefers to set out for the forest nearby. There she seeks adventure: Katja owns a pair of high-powered binoculars. Perched on a secret tree deep in the forest, she keeps track of a nest of peregrine falcons.
One-day, a thunderstorm moves in as Katja watches. Gale force winds blow Kiik, the youngest falcon, out of the nest and onto the ground. Katja rescues Kiik and fights her way through the driving rain. She seeks refuge in the back of a truck parked on the edge of the forest.
Exhausted, she falls asleep.
Katja will be surprised when she wakes up. She and Kiik are in a truck crossing unfamiliar mountain ranges at high speed. The truck speeds down in the harbour area of an Italian port. The sudden honk of a car horn causes Kiik to bolt from the truck. Katja sets after him, but he's gone. Katja realises she is lost in a strange city where people speak a language she doesn't understand.
How is she going to find Kiik? Through her binoculars she sees a band of boys stealing watermelons. They notice her looking and surround her. Dubious but hungry she follows them to their usual hangout, the church square filled with vendors, artists, shops and the very rich Don Fanucci's restaurant. Don Fanucci is also interested in birds. He has a scalpel and stuffs them for a hobby!
Katja finds Kiik in a cage, caught by the Street vendor. He wants 200.000 Lire for him - an enormous sum. How is she going to raise the money? The boys come to the rescue. They teach her their trade: hustling tourists, selling Kleenex, charms and lighters.
Finally, they save up the money she needs. However, on the way to buy Kiik back, she is mugged by a couple of hardened Street punks who steal all her cash. In the meantime, Don Fanucci buys the little falcon for his collection. Katja and the boys tail him to his villa and rescue Kiik minutes before the scalpel. With Kiik she take her way back home. Arrived there she discovers to be different: now she enjoys play with the other kids. And, last but not least, she frees Kiik, which flies happy towards its family in the forest.