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Sleepless (Nonhosonno)

Sleepless (Nonhosonno)

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A prostitute is at a client’s house. During his sleep, he says incomprehensible things… While the girl is leaving, she discovers by chance some edged weapons and a light blue folder with some newspaper articles about past murders. She is shocked, grabs the folder and runs away. But the killer follows her and reaches her on the train that should take her home. After brutally killing the prostitute, the killer also murders her friend who is waiting at the station car park. The police start the investigation and discover a first clue: it seems that before dying, the girl has confusedly mentioned something about some crimes…
The dwarf’s murders…This track leads chief detective Manni (Paolo Maria Scalondro) to a dwarf, a writer of detective stories who was suspected sixteen years before of some atrocious crimes. In order to escape the accusations the Dwarf had run away and, some time later, had been found dead.
The only person who knows all the facts is chief detective Moretti (Max Von Sydow), who at the time was in charge of the inquiry. But his memory is clouded over by old age and his memories do not seem very useful. At the same time in Rome Giacomo (Stefano Dionisi) receives a phone call. He was thirteen when his mother was killed in front of him by the Dwarf. Giacomo decides to go back to Turin, after many years he stays with Lorenzo (Roberto Zibetti), his childhood friend. Here he meets again Gloria (Chiara Caselli) whom he secretly loved when he was a kid. Moretti’s interest in the inquiry, both the new and the old one, starts slowly to awake and when the old detective meets Giacomo at the police station he remembers his promise: “ I will find your mother’s killer, even if it takes all my life”. An intense cooperation starts between the two of them. They are forced to walk down the labyrinth of memory, looking for anything that may be useful in shedding light on the mystery…