Senza filtro (first feature)

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Senza filtro

Senza filtro

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Senza filtro

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The story told in Without Filter is centered on a group of young people lead by Nico and Ray (J. Ax and D.J. Jad from Articolo 31). This is a story about every day life in Milan, the vivacious suburbs of Milan, colored by graffiti and moved by the rhythms of hip hop and funk music. The characters move in tense territory, ready for a change, a choice, and a growth. The background of this generation is violent and soaked with drugs, but above all there is a big desire to have a good time and find love. So through a joint, a night at the disco, a drive, they discover, learn and face the experience of life, thus the protagonists get ready to become adults. And each one of them, among doubts and uncertainties, with recklessness or maturity, makes their choices and take important decisions. Without filter is a realistic film about a generation of young Italians who don’t really know where to go, but believe in love and friendship, feed on music playing it, singing it, listening to it and dancing it. The music with the noise from the city creates a solid sound background for the whole action, even if this is not a musical film.