Nobody's heart

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Nobody's heart (Nella terra di nessuno)

Nobody's heart (Nella terra di nessuno)

Nobody's heart (Nella terra di nessuno)

original title:

Nella terra di nessuno

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SRD

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Beginning of the 80’s: a politician is kidnapped and dies of heart attack during an interrogation. Before his death, the terrorists have videotaped his report on the exchange of money between businesspersons and politicians. Only the terrorist who interrogated him knows where the videotape is hidden. Some time later, the lawyer Scalzi is called in the maximum-security prison on the island Cancelli by Federico Giordani, a political prisoner, he had defended before. In Giordani’s cell a terrorist has been transferred in secret, Talieri who knows where the videotape is hidden. The two prisoners want to hand over the tape to Talieri’s lawyer and they think that Scalzi may be the right person to deliver it. After various difficulties Scalzi manages to meet Federico at a time of great tension, as the suspicious death of a prisoner has provoked the inmates’ protest. Federico gives his lawyer Scalzi his dirty laundry, and a shirt where the key to a security box has been sewn into the neck, the videotape is hidden in this box. Scalzi leaves the prison with Katia, sister of a killer. They cannot go back to the main land because there are no means of transport available to them. Inside the prison the revolt explodes, the inmates get out of their cells and destroy whatever they find on their way; the usual revenges are taken. Katia’s brother is killed as well; Scalzi is woken up in the middle of the night. The rebels have asked for a mediator and the director of the prison has thought of asking him. However, the prisoners do not know him and Federico must get out of his cell in order to recognize him. As soon as Federico leaves his cell, Talieri is killed. Federico and Scalzi realize too late that they have fallen into a trap. Scalzi goes home and finds it completely upside down. He finds the tape, but when he plays it, he sees the images of a cartoon. Scalzi, now powerless, watches these images, he is aware that whoever wanted to keep those information secret has done his work very well.