A night with Sabrina Love

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A night with Sabrina Love (Una notte con Sabrina Love)

A night with Sabrina Love (Una notte con Sabrina Love)

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Una notte con Sabrina Love

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Surf Film, Eagle Pictures, Tele +, Patagonik Film Group, P.H.F. Film (Madrid), DMVB Films (Paris)

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Daniel Montero is 17 years old. Every night he watches a TV programme conducted by his favourite porno star. And when he wins a prize draw – the prize being a night with Sabrina Love – he feels on top of the world.
Sabrina is waiting for him in a television studio in Buenos Aires. Daniel starts out on the journey from Curuguazù, a village in the provinces where he has lived with his grandmother since the death of his parents. Daniel is fed up of his boring life, his nasty job in the village’s cold-storage plant and the floods that regularly isolate the village from the rest of the world.
Like those heroes who discover both the outside world and themselves travelling in a dangerous, broken-down truck, Daniel goes on to meet a host of characters who will help him to grow up, offering him both wise and dubious advice: Carmelo, the poet who lives in the night, frequenting the city centre’s bars; Enrique, Daniel’s brother, who has changed and does not know about his parents’ death; Sofia, a young girl who seduces him on Saturday night, and of course the enigmatic Sabrina Love, together with her entourage of producers and colleagues from the porno industry.
It is through these people that he will get acquainted with the city, sex and love in the most unexptected ways.