The travelling salesman

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The travelling salesman (Commesso viaggiatore)

The travelling salesman (Commesso viaggiatore)

original title:

Commesso viaggiatore

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35mm - colour

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Michele Rosati is a travelling salesman. Married, with two children. He believes in his family, he has faith in his job and in the effort he puts into it. But Michele has a big problem with his almost supernatural way to see the world. Everything around him seems to live a secret life.
The entire world becomes an enigma. The streets he walks each day have become dark alleys disseminated here and there with traps. The papers are full of murders, accidents, and wars. Everything spells death. Michele gets clairvoyance, he all of a sudden is able to see what we all know but often lack the courage to look at; in one way or another that which we have built up will fade away.