Cuore scatenato

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Cuore scatenato

Cuore scatenato

Cuore scatenato

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Cuore scatenato

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Boe Tamburo is an authentic legend for the habitués of “La Gazzosa” saloon where you can find Friend Rudy, famous for being slow with guns but fast with women; Billy Cuccia, Steve Mancino and the “leader of the gang” the owner of “La Gazzosa”, Santo Cimino.
One day the local sheriff Frankie Cuzzata finally tracks down and arrests Boe Tamburo and puts him in jail. Months pass and Boe becomes the boss inside the prison hugely respected by the other inmates. One night, however, Boe relives the most terrible experience of his entire life. Boe cannot sleep, he feels feverish. His mind is overrun by dark and disturbing images: his young and beautiful wife Donna is doing a striptease for a group of randy men. Day finally dawns and Boe goes to see the prison doctor, Johnny Buscami who is astonished to see that Boe has grown a pair of horns: the classic sign of the cuckold. There can be only one conclusion for Boe: the dream was not a dream at all. His blood begins to boil and jealousy overruns him. He decides to escape from jail and see what is going on with Donna. He finds himself exhausted in the desert and comes across the devil called Mike Locifero accompanied by two showgirls. Boe cannot believe what he is seeing. He is stuck in the desert and about to take part in the most unusual of all quiz shows, the “El Diablo Quiz Show”. Boe must choose: take part in the show with a pair of horns on his head or be hanged for being ashamed of the horns. This is a trick and Boe sees it in time. The devil rewards Boe with a horse and a gun. Boe can finally go home and take his revenge. But that is just the beginning of the story…