Epoché (first feature)

“Epoché” (Suspension) is the title of choreography where the dancer (Barbara Uccelli) expresses the concept of bond/ search/ liberation (suspension) in three distinct movements accompanied by the voice of a singer (Simone Barbera). The dance is the pretext that unites this film made up of six different episodes whose leading characters cross over from one story to the other in a shared environment. An actress going through a life crisis leaves her companion, a theatre director one week before the first night of a new play. The director begins a frenetic search for a replacement helped by his assistant.
A theatrical impresario temporarily distracted from business by his daughter’s poor state of health is manipulated by his colleagues.
Three street artists live happily together in the same house until one leaves to work on a new project alone.
Two photographers are partners in an agency but begin to go off in different directions and in they end, separate due to their diverging professional interests.
All these stories seem to have nothing in common but in reality each depends on what takes place in another and the fates of all of those involved are “suspended”.