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Gam Film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Natural Nylon (Dublin), Iac Holdings (Dublin)





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35mm - colour

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The extraordinary love story between James Joyce and Nora Barnacle. The story of the passion between the greatest Irish writer and the woman who became his inspiring Muse.
At the time when women started their fight for emancipation, a young vivacious and brilliant woman, who works as a maid, leads a life out of control. She suddenly changes her life when she meets the young and refined Irish writer James Joyce. As soon as they meet they fall for each other deeply in love, so much so that the woman convinces him to leave Dublin and move to Italy, in Trieste. In Trieste their love becomes even more passionate and stormy. Joyce is tormented and disillusioned: none of his works are published. But Nora, with her humour and her simplicity, becomes a point of reference for him who is so emotionally unstable.
Nora becomes Joyce’s lifeline, their connection becomes closer and their relationship more sensual. But his character and the many disappointments in his writing push him towards self destruction. So the betrayals begin, she reacts to these showing her faithfulness and devotion. The worse Joyce feels, the more Nora incites him to write. But also their love story changes because there are too many painful and destructive moments. So, in order to save their great love, Nora decides to leave Joyce and Trieste and goes back to Dublin…
Her devotion and courage will overcome any obstacle.