Little things (first feature)

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Little things (Quelle piccole cose)

Little things (Quelle piccole cose)

Little things (Quelle piccole cose)

original title:

Quelle piccole cose

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35mm - colour

Four young professionals and their bewildered prostitute friend live a double existence: work and convention of life, drugs and nightime follies. By mistake, before the departure for a vacation to Cuba, they have to pursue their lost baggage toward a Tuscan mental hospital. Here they will meet Arianna, destined to upset the equilibrium of the group.

The little things of the title are the values of life,rediscovered by the protagonists of the film at the end of a trip. The film behind the appearance of a sentimental comedy aims to be a criticism on the hypocrisies and selfishness today's society. All the characters are symbols, Arianna is the symbol of morals as Roberto is the antithesis; Brave Joe is imagination and creativity. Some of the locations are symbolic, the city is hell, the psychiatric hospital is purgatory and the countryside is heaven. For the city hand-held cameras are used with dose ups and a colder style photography. The shots in the countryside are different, richer and of a warmer style photography.