While world religious leaders gather for a top secret meeting in La Spezia, the Reverend Jones (Ed Bishop), a famous television preacher and the creator of “Reverend Jones’s Sauce”, is set on replacing them all and imposing his credo on the unsuspecting world. To that end he hires the services of a sophisticated and infallible killer named Omega (Massimo Olcese) whose only defect lies in the perfection with which he carries out his mission. His success rate bores him rigid and in order to drum up some well-needed enthusiasm, Omega creates a whole set of difficulties for himself while on the job.
Given the unique nature of the task that the Reverend Jones has assigned him, Omega decides to tell someone what he is about to do. But instead of telling someone in authority, Omega chooses a name at random from the phone book: Carlo Maggi, (Andrea Bruschi) a normal twenty-eight year old about to be married and live a normal, albeit boring life. Carlo tries to warn the police, who ignore him and then he goes to the papers.
The only person to believe his tall tale is Anna Letizia Kohler (Veronika Logan), a young and ambitious journalist. They decide to try and stop Omega and set out together for La Spezia in a Fiat 500 that has seen better days. A journey that would normally take a couple of hours takes them an entire day. Will they be in time?…