Light of my eyes

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Light of my eyes (Luce dei miei occhi)

Light of my eyes (Luce dei miei occhi)

Light of my eyes (Luce dei miei occhi)

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Luce dei miei occhi

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Antonio (Luigi Lo Cascio) is a driver. He likes his job because he is always traveling but other people decide where to go: his clients.
"The earth - Antonio thinks - when will I go back to the earth?"
These are Antonio's thoughts. Or rather, they are Morgan's thoughts.
Morgan is a make-believe sci-fi hero, the alter ego of Antonio, who loves sci-fi. Morgan's narration follows Antonio's adventures on the earth.
Antonio is a person you can trust. He is responsible, a good worker, always on time, he never talks about himself, never asks anything, he is kind but closed up in his own world.
Maria (Sandra Ceccarelli) and her thoughts. Thoughts about a frozen food shop, and about the debt she now has to pay because of that shop.
How could she ever think about buying a frozen food shop?
Thoughts about Lisa (Barbara Valente), her daughter and about the risk of losing her. This happened to Maria too. The parents of Lisa's father took Maria to court and asked to be in charge of their grand-daughter.
Maria would like to be a better mother and she tries hard, but she doesn't succeed. She has also lost her head over a man. It always happens. Whenever there is a man in her life things just don't go the right way.
It is difficult to plan a future with a woman like Maria. But Antonio falls in love with her. He is at her service, he is always ready to solve her problems, although her thoughts are elsewhere and her eyes have not yet met his loving look.
One day Antonio finds out that another man holds Maria's life in his hands. His name is Saverio (Silvio Orlando). It is to him that each month the woman has to pay a big amount of money, to extinguish her debt. Antonio, without telling Maria anything, meets Saverio and offers his services to pay that debt.
Saverio is like a bad teacher, who tries to explain to Antonio how the world is and not how it should be. Their visions of life are completely different, but Antonio must accomplish what he is told to do. He does it for Maria's sake. And she doesn't know it...