L'amore con la "s" maiuscola

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L'amore con la "s" maiuscola

L'amore con la "s" maiuscola

L'amore con la "s" maiuscola

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L'amore con la "s" maiuscola

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Childhood friends, Gaetano and Angelo are totally different in character. Gaetano is an extrovert who likes pushing the envelope out while Angelo is much quieter. They want to open a night club.
Angelo is married to Isabel who gave up a promising career in modelling for him. Gaetano is married to Carmela, a housewife with a character that is the exact opposite of that of her husband.
Angelo opens a club in Milan but when it falls through, he decides he has no option but to return to his home town. Isabel does not like that at all.
Gaetano has also opened a club in their home town and it’s a roaring success. Ironically, none other than Angelo found Gaetano the Milanese sponsors with the money for his club. The men’s respective marriages continue despite problems and misunderstandings. That changes when Angelo returns to his home town and is welcomed with genuine affection by Gaetano. The only problem is that Gaetano and Isabel fancy each other and Carmelo knows it. She tells Angelo of what she suspects to be real and despite the fact that he does not initially believe her, he becomes convinced that Isabel is having an affair with Gaetano after he sees them dance together.
Carmelo and Angelo come up with a scheme to reconquer their spouses only to find that they have a lot in common and embark on an affair of their own.
In the end Angelo comes up with an original suggestion: wife-swapping...