Paris, Dabar (first feature)

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Paris, Dabar

Paris, Dabar

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Paris, Dabar







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Bologna, a popular quarter, Pratello, a group of friends, a competition, an alcoholic competition. It is a marathon that will see fourthy participants that will run along the main street of the quarter. It’s an idea that was born during bar idle chatters, that slowly take shape, principally for Osvaldo, who is one of the four bar owner that organize the competition. Osvaldo wants to carry to the extremes what happens to him and to his customers every day in his bar: dabar (in Italian )paraphrasing Dakar.
So, it’s a game that slowly take shape. During a meeting organized by Osvaldo, himself and the other three bar’ owners decide the competition rules and the prize. A secret and obligatory prize. It concern Luna, a transsexual who prostitute herself, who live in the quarter. Osvaldo offered to her the equivalent amount of a night on the street some days before , so, in this way, Luna offers herself to the winner.
Trippo, a nihilist and destructive punk, who is in Osvaldo’s team, try to persuade to participate with his team, a friend of him, Zani, who is a great drinker.
Gabriella has recently acquired the bar, and she is troubled for her economic condition, but Osvaldo persuade her to participate with her bar.
The days go on with so many thinks and conversations between the characters and, at least the competition begins.
The various characters’ little private world became immediately public, under a crowd’s eyes who follow and incite them and especially for the presence of a local radio speaker, Michele, who decide to make a non-stop live from his radio posting.
The hours goes on the alcohol take possession of the bodies and the characters broaden their contours and emerge another private aspect, more inner than the first, that show anonymous men with heroic hints. All of them made a long way till today, the competition is simply a metaphor of an entire existence that is showing for joke and maybe for a challenge.
It’s a game and for Luna too, at least queen for a night, maybe the last one for her fourthly years, it’ s the moment to return to the anonymousness.
The radio has not other words , a simple greeting, a turned page, another day is arrived to the night, that world that show itself for a moment close its wings. The life goes on, and to the radio another voice, another palimpsest.