Secret ballot

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Secret ballot (Raye makfhi)

Secret ballot (Raye makfhi)

original title:

Raye makfhi

italian title:

Il voto è segreto

directed by:





Fabrica, Rai Cinema, Payam Films, Sharmshir





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An unsuspecting soldier awakens to discover that he can forget about another uneventful day at his lonely seaside post. It's election day!
A ballot box is parachuted down as a young woman pulls up to the shore of the remote island. To the soldier's surprise, she's actually the government bureaucrat in charge of local voting. The couple get off to a rocky start since the soldier expects election agents to be men.
Whether he wants to or not, the soldier is thrown into an elections adventure that just may put him out of a job. Orders from above force him to accompany the female agent in an army jeep across the island's dusty desert. The agent literally leaves no stone unturned in her search for ballots. Many a surprise lies along their route, as they find themselves in one absurd situation after another.
So much can happen in a single day, especially when opposites attract. Views can change, hearts can melt. By sunset, a woman's idealistic notions can come back down to earth. And a lonely man can discover there's more to voting by secret ballot than he ever imagined.