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Diego Abatantuono, Sergio Rubini, Martina Stella, Maria Jurado, Antonia San Juan, Ugo Conti, Orazio Donati, Bebo Storti, Alessandra Martines, Ian McNeice, Rubén Ochandiano, Daniel Fernandez, Ivan Hermes, Ramón Salazar, Daniel Gonzales, Juanjo Puigcorbé


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Bad Religion


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35mm - colour

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Sandro, 50, produces and directs porn movies. On his journey through life, he has left a trail of highs and low but, above all, a daughter, Luce. The result of a passing love affair, the young woman has spent most of her life in a private school in Switzerland. The relationship between father and daughter has been confined to a few meetings at traditional holidays. Conditioned by an atavistic sense of modesty, Sandro has never had the guts to tell her the truth about his work. Luce is now seventeen and turns up out of the blue at her father's villa, just as he is about to start shooting a new film there. Xavier, Jorge's father, is the chief of police, an old-style character who puts duty and principle ahead of his own peace of mind; Jorge is twenty and sees things in a totally different manner: whatever or whoever comes between him and his ideas is a threat that must be erased at any cost. Left to their own devices after the death of a woman who, in her role as wife and mother, had managed to impose a sort of armistice, all that the two men can do now is fight until the point of no return.
Angelino runs a bar on the beach, often living by his wits and dealing in marijuana to supplement his earnings. Despite being a fairly unconventional guy, his goals are both simple and conservative: he wants a house with a garden for himself and his woman, the right place to have and raise the child that they desire so much. His dreams seem to have come true when he suddenly ends up with a case containing four pounds of cocaine. If he manages to sell it, his whole life will change.
The scene is set in Ibiza. Amnesia, a huge nightclub, is about to open on the island. In this place, at this time, the paths of our characters meet.

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