I am Emma (first feature)

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I am Emma (Emma sono io)

I am Emma (Emma sono io)

I am Emma (Emma sono io)

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Emma sono io

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Summer. Marta and Daniele want to get married and so Emma, Marta’s 35-year old best friend, town councillor and paediatrician says she will arrange the ceremony at the small castle that belongs to her husband, Roberto’s family and which he is gradually restoring. She calls on a mutual friend of theirs called Carlo to help her out. Carlo is a publisher but he does not like what he does for a living and is a bit of a butterfly in his love life. They are joined by Marcello, Emma’s widowed father. Emma has always been the glue that has kept her group of friends together. She is dependable, highly organised and practical and that is why Marta has no doubts that Emma will organise a wonderful wedding for her and Daniele. Unfortunately Emma suffers from a sort of bi-polar syndrome that she keeps in check with medication. Should she stop taking her pills, she will become hyperactive and say and do exactly what she feels. One day Emma’s pharmacist runs out of her medication, and even when he finally delivers her pills, Emma decides not to take them. With disastrous effects on everyone concerned.