It's not me (first feature)

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It's not me (Non sono io)

It's not me (Non sono io)

It's not me (Non sono io)

original title:

Non sono io

directed by:


set design:

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film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SR

release date:


In an effort to escape his shady past in Sicily, Matteo arrives in Lodz. After a difficult journey, he is taken in by Mario, owner of the Italian restaurant “Dolce Vita”, who helps him to start a new life. Matteo becomes the restaurant chef and falls in love with one of the waitresses, the beautiful Ewa. But Lodz is not the Promised Land. Poland has changed and is similar to the Sicily Matteo has left behind. Mario regularly pays his protection money to the violent local boss. For Matteo the grey Polish city is a constant reminder that it is not so easy to escape one’s past: from Sicily arrives Giuseppe, a mafioso determined to blackmail Matteo for his erroneous past.
Matteo once again finds himself with his back to the wall facing the same dilemma: escape or face up to the situation once and for all.
He decides he’s had enough of running. He will face up to things this time whatever price he has to pay.

(Source: Buskin Film)