Aida degli alberi

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Aida degli alberi

Aida degli alberi

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Aida degli alberi

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Arborea is a magical kingdom of enormous forests and lush, sun-filled plains inhabited by a peace-loving people who live in the most wonderful little tree houses. Aida is the beautiful and fearless daughter of Amonasro, the King of Arborea, and her greatest joy is riding her mare, Goa, through through her verdant land. Unfortunately the peace and tranquility of Arborea is interrupted by frequent and violent raids by the soldiers of neighbouring Petra,charged with finding new slaves to work in Petra. Petra is a modern and violent country that stands on the hardest and most ungiving of rocks. It is filled with imposing and unwelcoming buildings, the most important of which is the Temple of Satam - the god of war. This Temple is also home to Petra's evil High Priest, Ramfis, whose greatest pleasure in life is making plots and conspiracies.
During one such raid, Radames, the son of General Moud, head of the Petran army, sees and immediately falls in love with Aida. He realises that their only hope for love is to bring an end to the violence that the Petrans inflict on the Arboreans. Together with Aida, Radames decides to do all that is in his power to achieve this.
The other characters in the film are Kak, the son of Ramfis and Radames' best friend; the flighty and spoilt young Princess Amneris and her father, Diaspron and and her father, King Diaspron of Petra. Then there are the animals like Raz, the greedy crocodile, and Gik, Goa's foal and a wonderful dromedary called Kanak whose master is Radames... and many, many more.
Aida degli Alberi is a wonderful tale of good over evil; a triumph of love and good sentiments where Nature prevails over those who, with their mindless bloodlust, try to destroy all that She has lovingly created over the ages. Made for children, this animated feature brings a well-needed message of hope to people of all ages about the overwhelming importance of maintaining the delicate equilibrium of Life.