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What event can take you by surprise and then turn your whole life upside down? What event fills your heart with joy and fear at the same time? A new baby...
Paola is a musician. She is also pregnant and tries to imagine what playing the bass guitar will be like between feeds, up to her elbows in talcum powder, nappies and milk. Paola wants to continue being a child and not be responsible for another human being.
Silvia, Paola’s mother is a dentist. She is also single and glad to be so. Her problems begin when she too finds that she is pregnant and her partner asks her to marry him. Silvia can handle the idea of a baby around the house, but another man? She doubts she has the patience for that!
And then there is forty-year-old Sofia, one of Silvia’s patients. Sofia is the perfect wife who dreams of becoming the perfect mother. She is about to adopt a baby but discovers that her husband is having an affair. She is torn between her desire of motherhood and her reluctance to forgive her errant husband. She is also terrified of being alone.
Women follow their hearts. Nothing ever goes as they planned but women’s innate irony helps them get over unforeseen events. Although happiness can sometimes be painful, it still is happiness and a broken heart is always a heart.