Lettere al vento (first feature)

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Lettere al vento

Lettere al vento

Lettere al vento

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Lettere al vento

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Albania. Under the Communist Regime
Niko, a professor and communist party leader is dreaming he is partying on Goni’s fishing boat. Goni loves nothing more than setting fire to things when he’s happy and this time it’s the boat. He is arrested and condemned to death. Niko, his lifelong friend, intervenes and saves him. They friendship becomes even stronger.
Albania after the fall of Communism
Niko is in his fifties. He is unemployed and lives off the money his son, Mikel sends him from Italy. The two men haven’t spoken for years. Niko receives a letter from Mikel but before he can open the envelope, a gust of wind blows it out of his hand.
Niko’s daughter is kidnapped with the intent of putting her onto the streets, but as soon as the gang finds out she is Mikel’s sister, they let her go. How did Mikel suddenly become so powerful? Niko decides to see for himself. In order to drum up the money for the journey to Italy he sells bananas on street corners but is forced to stop by the local criminal gang. Niko discovers that their boss is none other than his old friend Goni. Niko refuses Goni’s help and goes to Italy.
Niko has arrived in Turin where he meets Roberto, Mikel’s roommate. Roberto avoids answering Niko’s questions about his son. One evening two mysterious men come to take Niko to meet his notorious son...