Across the border

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Across the border (Oltre il confine)

Across the border (Oltre il confine)

Across the border (Oltre il confine)

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Oltre il confine

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Micla Film, Peacock Film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, TSI (Zurich), Teleclub (Zurich), with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte

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35mm - colour

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Turin 1993. The architect Agnese is called to the home for war veterans where her ailing father lives. The doctor at the home has left his guest, a Bosnian refugee, on night duty with her father. The commanding officer of the veterans’ home, a colonel, has discovered the undocumented refugee, Reuf, and has had him arrested. Agnese, who would rather not get involved with refugees, becomes better acquainted with Reuf and is drawn into events which eventually take her to Bosnia. On this journey, she begins to recall her childhood directly after WWII. Experiences made during the two wars converge­ – the wheel of history turns, without failing to leave its mark.

(Source: Intramovies)