Truth and lies

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Truth and lies (La forza del passato)

Truth and lies (La forza del passato)

Truth and lies (La forza del passato)

original title:

La forza del passato

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35mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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We can spend many years of our life together with people dear to us but without ever getting to know them completely. However convinced we may be of having understood everything they feel there will always be smaller and greater secrets that we will never manage to discover. Giovanni Orzan never asked himself these questions. He is forty years old and an acclaimed writer of children’s books. He is married and has a son of eight. A week ago his father died, an army general with whom he never managed to have good relationship...
One evening Gianni Bogliasco, an old friend of his father’s, becomes confidential and tells him that his father was a KGB spy. He also discovers that his father’s wife Anna betrayed him. Gianni Orzan’s world collapses in four days. At the critical moments, the entire affair adopts the point of view of Qwerty Uiop, the hero of Gianni’s novels and his alter ego...
From the novel of the same name by Sandro Veronesi.