Nothing more (first feature)

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Nothing more (Nada mas)

Nothing more (Nada mas)

original title:

Nada mas


set design:

costume design:


Edesio Alejandro



Intramovies, ICAIC (Cuba), DMVB (Paris), PHF Film (Madrid)






film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SR

festivals & awards:

"Every year the North American immigration bureau holds an international lottery to grant entry visas to legally emigrate to the USA.
Since 1994 Cuba has been the only country which can count on a specific visa allotment."

Carla Pérez is a young modern cuban woman living in La Havana.
Carla’s parents, cuban immigrants in the US, send her a letter telling she has just been registered at the US annual immigration lottery.
Carla has decided to leave her country if she gets this “reward”, in fact she wants to change her life.
Carla is desesperatly lonely, she is absolutly bored of her work in the post office: she stamps letters. Nothing else.
One day a small accident changes her life. She spills a coffee cup over one of the thousand of letters that pass throught her hands every day.
As she opens this letter to dry it, she discovers a clumsy love letter from a student to her teacher. She decides to rewrite this letter, using her own words and emotions, to make it better. When she intercepts the enthusiastic answer from the teacher, she knows she did right. This is the beginning of a new obsession: getting involve in the private life of her fellow citizen to solve their problems by changing their mail contents.
From this moment, nothing will be the same. She starts to organize herself: stealing letters at the post office every day, spending night to understand from the words each problem and person and to rewrite thoses letters. She feels excited by this mission which gives her a high responsibility: happiness of other people. She has found finaly a sense to her life.
Post Administration’s new inspector, Cunda, has a military way to rule the Post office. Quickly she gets suspicion on Carla activities and tries each day to discover Carla’s secret.
Soon, situation gets very difficult for Carla. So she gets friendly with Cesar, the young postman in charge of mail pick-ups and deliveries. Cesar doesn’t even suspects Carla’s activities. When he discovers the truth, he is astonished and menaces to tell every thing to Post Administration or even to the Police. She has to explain him she is not a criminal but just someone who tries to help people.
Finally charmed by Carla, Cesar will enter in the game and help her. Soon lots of little dramas of Carla’s fellow citizen are solved. Between Carla and Cesar friendship is growing. Cunda declares a real war to Carla: she knows but can’t prove any thing.
Every thing works for the best in Carla’s life. She feels finaly useful and … she is not alone anymore.
One day, she receives a letter from the US immigration: She has just obtained her US green card at the Lottery.
Leaving or not ? This is the question has to answer Carla now!
Leaving will be a selfish attitude regarding all the people who depends on her. Staying will a renunciation to the future she has been dreaming about for a long time.